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INKATEC - About Us

inkatec is a company specialized in industrial automation and robotics for their customization and installation in production systems of companies belonging to a wide range of sectors, including a continuous dedication to studies on engineering and projects related to design, programming, assembly and installation of electrical systems.

Our commitment to technical innovation and delivery of service quality allows us a constant improvement in the implementation of the latest technology in the industrial automation sector and optimization of processes, in a clear response to a growing need for agility, flexibility, performance, efficiency and safety in all ranges of production.

We employ engineers and technical professionals able to deal with any project in a creative and efficient way, thus delivering unique solutions in automation and robotics to companies within any sector and regardless of the size.

Multidisciplinary technical knowledge as the basis of our success in the implementation of industrial automation and robotic solutions

We do not offer series products or solutions.

Our knowledge of and experience at diverse technical disciplines around engineering and industrial production has enabled us to build an organization focused on delivering custom solutions tailored to the needs of each client and project.

Ability to respond to any phase of the production process

While offering a multidisciplinary service, we are disposed to provide solutions to concrete problems related to the different technical areas or phases of any structure of production, maintaining always a global focus that ensure the perfect performance of all of them after any change or modification, and on the basis of a three-pillar model.

Consulting Engineering: for the design and delivery of well-defined solutions relating to automation and robotics, including documentation and specifications adjusted to the needs of each project.

Technical Consulting: for the assessment of technical objectives and their particular problems, and the adoption of the more adequate strategies to ensure the functional and economic efficiency.

Own Technical Staff: for the global management of design, installation, put into operation and checking of every system.

The services in this website allows specialized inquires and requests for information about our services to be routed straight away to our technical staff.

Specialists in Automation and Robotics


Benefits of the Installation of Automation
and Robotic Systems

  • Automation - Maximization
  • Robotics - Agility
  • Automate - Processes
  • Robotization - Flexibility
  • Robots - Maintenance
  • Automate - Work Safety

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