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INKATEC - Aftercare

The efficiency and productivity of each of the systems installed for our clients is a central matter in our corporate policy, and an essential part in the final delivery of each project.

Although industrial robotic and automation require modest maintenance, their setup in conditions of peak performance demands for a special attention and instruction in regards to operation and failure and error recovery routines.

It is for this reason that we rely on technicians specialized in providing an aftercare service that ensure the maximum return of investment made by our clients.

We strive on ensuring a perfect efficiency during the whole life cycle of each equipment.

Training on the operation of each system

Although the latest automation systems are equipped with excellent features and easy to operate, a series of problems may arise due to lack of familiarity with this kind of technology.

Our experience in the sector and the ability of our technicians ensure a precise approach to the peak performance of each system by a detailed process of training on its features, control procedures and error prevention and recovery routines.

Preventive maintenance

We keep a preventive monitoring of all the installed systems to guarantee their proper functioning, extend their life cycle and identify any possible problem or failure that may occur.

In any case, our engineers and technical staff are available to solve any doubt or incidence, thus reducing the downtime to a minimum and preventing failures.

Immediate attention to any possible failure or technical issues

La nueva instalación de cualquier sistema complejo puede ocasionar fallos o posibles cuestiones técnicas, ya sea por defectos en piezas o componentes, o por errores en el proceso de montaje y puesta en funcionamiento.

The new installation of any technically complex system can result in failures and possible technical issues, both due to defects in parts and components, or to errors in the assembly and startup processes.

Including, obviously, a strict compliance with the guarantee technical service and maintenance conditions imposed by general and special regulation applicable to this sector.

Especialistas en soluciones de automatización
y robótica


Beneficios de la Instalación de Sistemas de Automatización
y Robótica

  • Automatización - Eficiencia
  • Robótica - Agilidad
  • Automatizar - Procesos
  • Robotización - Flexibilidad
  • Robots - Mantenimiento
  • Automatizar - Seguridad Laboral

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