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INKATEC - Services

inkatec offer a wide range of engineering and specialized software services to meet the needs of industrial automation and robotic projects of any production sector.

INKATEC - Engineering Assessment

Engineering Assessment

Our team of engineers and technicians are disposed to carry out a specialized analysis of any production system or industrial facility and equipment so as to offer the most adequate strategy for improvement and efficiency.

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INKATEC - Control Solutions

Control Solutions

We are experts in the design and implementation of systems for an intelligent control of industrial processes and the conditions at the facilities where they operate (air conditioning, lighting, security/safety elements, electromechanics, etc.).

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INKATEC - PLC and Scada Programming

PLC and Scada Programming

Engineers and technicians with a solid experience in the programming of PLC and Scada systems, fully dedicated to the implementation of the most suitable architectures for the control of automatic systems, and monitoring and management of facilities.

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INKATEC - Development of Electrical Documentation

Development of Electrical Documentation

Electrical documentation for the installation of boards and systems, including always the more details possible in regards to technical specifications, and fully compliant with the international standards applicable to each project.

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INKATEC - Programming of Robots

Programming of Robots

Programming of industrial robotic systems from the main manufacturers for their efficient integration in all sorts of production schemes (assembly, handling, welding, riveting, glueing, deburring, measuring, inspection, etc.).

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INKATEC - Electrical Manufacturing and Assembly

Electrical Manufacturing and Assembly

Experts in the design, manufacturing and assembly of electrical systems and boards for the correct energy distribution and control in buildings and facilities of all kind and for any purpose according with most strict safety and quality regulations.

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INKATEC - Special Proyects

Special Projects

Our deep knowledge of the technical areas described in this section enables us to deal with the design and practical implementation of almost any project related to automation and industrial robotics for clients of any size.

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Specialists in Automation and Robotics


Benefits of the Installation of Automation
and Robotic Systems

  • Automation - Maximization
  • Robotics - Agility
  • Automate - Processes
  • Robotization - Flexibility
  • Robots - Maintenance
  • Automate - Work Safety

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