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Specialists in Automation and Robotics Solutions


inkatec is a company specialized in the design, programming and implementation of engineering solutions for the automation of industrial processes applicable to multiple sectors in order to maximize the efficiency of production processes through an optimal use of resources and reduction of costs.

  • Inkatec - About Us

    Efficient developments for the automation of industrial processes.

  • Inkatec - Sectors

    Commitment to the needs of companies belonging to multiple sectors.

  • Inkatec - Projects

    Proven capacity and expertise in the development of many projects.

  • Inkatec - Clients

    Service to clients and internationally renowned companies.

  • Inkatec - Services

    Specialized studies for the putting into operation of any project.

  • Inkatec - Aftersales

    Aftersales service by our own technicians.

Benefits of the Installation of Automation
and Robotic Systems

  • Automation - Maximization
  • Robotics - Agility
  • Automate - Processes
  • Robotization - Flexibility
  • Robots - Maintenance
  • Automate - Work Safety

Our team of experts ensure the highest levels of professionalism and commitment, both in the development and putting into operation of every system, to guarantee the maximum return of investment in each project.

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